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Our service goes beyond floor sanding and finishing.

On this page you will be able to see all the services we offer, from repairs and restoration through to the professional installation of new floors or even reclaimed floors!

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We can sand parquet floors, solid wood flooring, engineered boards, cork flooring and softwood floorboards. So why go anywhere else when you have a wooden floor that’s been hidden or neglected let us turn it into a beautiful wooden floor for far less cost that replacing it.

You may be thinking that it's easy to sand a floor and anyone can do it.

It's true, anyone can have a go at sanding a floor, but to achieve that professional, quality finish is a different story. Knowing what machines and what abrasives to use is all key and that before you've even thought about the finishing products!

Then there is the other big question which puts a lot of people off. The dust and mess. This is not a problem anymore. The sanding machines that we use today are a far cry from their predecessors. Up to 98% of the dust is now extracted!

We employ fully trained and certified tradesmen equipped with the latest, professional sanding and dust extraction machines, resulting in a truely exceptional finish. With many years experience of dealing with wood floors from the installation through to the maintenance and renovation, why go anywhere else?

We've had many, many satisfied customers over the years from both domestic and the commercial side. With much of our business coming from recommendations from previous customers!

Staining, oiling, waxing, sealing......

  • Varnish or Lacquer - More durable than oil sealants, and easier to maintain, these products are typically used for mid to heavy traffic areas.Modern lacquers (Bona and Junckers) no longer produce the ‘plastic’ look of old and offer a silky sheen in a matt, satin or high gloss finish.
  • Staining - stains are used to alter the colour of wood. They enhance the woodgrain rather than hide it.

We recommend coloured wax for floors with dull, washed colours or to better match your home interior. You quickly lend some colour to your room and get a floor that looks completely different at an affordable price.

floor care

Many people like to have the gaps filled in their floors to give a nice uniformed finish and to stop any drafts. We can easily do this for you using either the resin method or pine strips.

  • Resin mix - mostly used on parquet and mosaic floors with lots of fine gaps.  Dust from the floor is mixed with a resin and applied to the gaps with a filling knife.

  • Solid fillets of reclaimed pine and other timbers are glued, forced into the gaps, and chiselled back before sanding flat.

  • Wax is a completely natural floor finish: safe for you, your family,your home and the environment. It offers the softest and most mellow of finishes – and leaves your floor able to breathe naturally.
  • Oiling - Oil is an organic finish that is popular for its natural look and ease of maintenance. It has good water-repellent characteristics as well as abrasion and scuff resistance.

Wood Floor Repair

Do you have any damaged boards? if so, don't worry. We’ll assess the floorboards for damage.  Loose boards will be realigned, removing any old tacks and nails.  Protruding nails are hammered flat.

For those boards damaged beyond repair, we will replace them - wherever possible - with reclaimed timber of the same quality and age.

Contact us for any form of wooden floor repairs, no matter how big or small!


Restoration is the complete overhaul for floors that are damaged. Damage occurs through wearing, improperly fitted boards or simply boards that have excessively aged with time.

We repair damaged areas by lifting the damaged floors, securing loose boards, and refitting or replacing old boards or parquet blocks – and then regluing.

Wood Floor Installation

The experience, product and installation knowledge we have amassed over the years is unrivalled. We are proud of the fact that our history is wood flooring and not evolved from a generic carpentry or joinery background, which we feel is a very different set of skills.

We offer a full installation service using our fully trained and qualified installers with years of experience!

A remarkable job, such craftsmanship and precision. Best wooden floor installation I have seen. Gavin (Contracts Manager) – Rushmere (E-mail 2014)

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